[CES 2012] A mirage can be a very dangerous thing in the desert, but out here in Las Vegas, this is one mirage that I do not mind seeing materialize in the real world – a holographic iPad. This illusion from InnoVision of Taiwan relies on a glass cage enclosure to project a hologram above any device, where their in-house technology would in turn let you view 2D videos as though they were 3D holograms. Virtually any Adobe Flash (.FLV) video can be used for the projected holograms, although you would need to fork out a rather handsome $5,000 for an enclosure that can play 2 HoloAds simultaneously – is that daylight robbery, or what? When pursued further, InnoVision claims that the selling price cannot be lowered any further since their volume is not large at all – we are talking about a sales figure of 300 to just 400 units annually. Perhaps Apple might want to take a leaf out of InnoVision’s book and do something about a holographic-capable iPad down the road. One can have some wishful thinking, right?

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