Horizontal Controller[CES 2012] At the Consumer Electronics Show this year, Bit Trade One showed off an interesting USB paddle controller known as the “Horizontal Controller”. Looking a lot like a light dimmer control fused together with a couple of arcade-style buttons, the Horizontal Controller can be configured to work with any app you throw at it. While it is not a new device (it was released in 2010), Bit One has decided to make it available out of Japan.

From controlling the play back of music and volume in iTunes, or rotating the canvas and selecting different tools in SAI Painter, and moving the ship from left to right in games like Breakout, its possibilities are limitless. Sure you won’t be able to replace the traditional keyboard and mouse set up with the Horizontal Controller, but it wasn’t meant to do that. What it does is supplement your regular input devices by being highly customizable and giving you access to a dimmer which can be useful in a lot of situations. The Horizontal Controller is available now with a price tag of $97 (7,489 Yen). Check out a demonstration video below:

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