HP Omni 27[CES 2012] HP is introducing the HP Omni 27, spacious all-in-one PC that is not to be confused with the TouchSmart line of product as it does not have a touch screen, which allows HP to build a computer that is more affordable, in relation to its size. The HP Omni 27 is also ans answer to the more classic all in one PC “need”, which is having a comfortable computer with a minimum of clutter.

Despite being a relatively thin computer (by desktop standards) the HP Omni 27 can accommodate a 2TB hard drive, at least 4GB of memory and a decent processor. Optionally, it is possible to add a Blu-Ray drive, a TV-Tuner, Beats audio and the HP Pulse Subwoofer to turn this computer into a beefy room entertainment system.Finally, the HP Omni 27 also comes with HP’s Magic Canvas software that was introduced with the HP Touchsmart Line of all-in-one PCs. Magic Canvas has the functionality of an extended desktop that scrolls horizontally. The goal of Magic Canvas is to be more efficient in general, but also to hide some of the Windows perceived complexity form the users. Computer-savvy users can of course bypass this layer, and do anything that they would otherwise do on a normal Windows computer. This 27” computer will be priced at $1199.99+.

HP Omni 27

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