HP announced that they would make webOS open source by the time fall 2012 rolls around, which is not something that the tech industry envisioned. After all, most folks thought that HP would have taken the more “normal” route of selling the operating system, or at least, send it back to the drawing board if they intend to pursue this course. We are pleased to say that Enyo 2.0 was released today, and the Enyo logo that you see here is HP’s app framework for webOS. You need not fret as Enyo is 100% browser-independent, so regardless of whether you are with the Safari, Chrome, or Firefox camps, you can still access the entire gamut of webOS apps from the browser itself.

Just about anyone connected to the Internet will be able to access such apps, and indirectly, it might just see a sudden increase in popularity and value of the webOS platform, regardless of whether one is accessing those apps from a tablet, desktop, notebook, netbook or smartphone. Do you think that webOS’ future is a bright one with this step taken? [Press Release]

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