A watch is a watch is a watch – or is it more? Those who own the high end luxury brands would say otherwise, claiming that you “merely look after it for the next generation.” Well, for many of us, a basic, functional timepiece is good enough, and it is more often than not worn to accessorize that suit and tie rather than to tell the time since your smartphone already does that for you (and have been doing so for umpteenth years). Vincent Perriard & Co’s HYT H1 is definitely a future forward timepiece, where this conceptual watch will start from $45,000 onwards, where it will debut at Baselworld 2012. Relying onliquid-driven pistons alongside gears to let you know just what time it is right now, it is truly a mind boggling timepiece, mesmerizing you at each turn and movement. The pistons in the movement will move the bellows, where each expansion will see the other compress, moving the green fluorescein liquid. Normally, fluorescein is used in the field of forensics to detect latent blood stains, but this scores a first in the field of horology.

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