[CES 2012] It is Milli Vanilli all over again when Intel’s Mooley Eden was caught cheating at yesterday’s CES 2012 press conference, where he played a video file using VLC Media Player while ‘hand-synching’ a driving game to lead the audience into thinking that this is actually a live demonstration of the graphical capabilities as demonstrated by the Ivy Bridge platform that will be found in future Ultrabooks. It would be interesting to see how Intel is going to handle the potential fallout from this ‘cheating’, but chances are, if you are not with the MacBook Air crowd that Intel is trying its utmost best to pry them from with the Ultrabook line, you do not really have that much of a choice, do you? I for one, would like to see someone run an actual live demo of the same racing game and compare it side by side with what Mooley showed the world. What do you think of the entire situation – should Intel issue an apology and show us the real deal instead?

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