LG OLED TV 55 inchI just spent some time looking at the LG OLED Display, and I wanted to report about what I saw and share my initial impressions. If you saw the display for yourself, you wouldn’t be surprised if I say that the contrast is the best that I have seen for a screen of this size, and I have seen a fair share of displays. Obviously, LG did every effort to make it look amazing and they succeeded. With the same content running on LCD TVs nearby, the comparison was fair, and LG didn’t have to “Cheat” to make the OLED win – hands-down.

Blacks are truly very deep blacks and as I said earlier, the contrast is amazing. The colors looked awesome as well as “accurate” (not funny, or over-saturated), but without knowing what the original content was, it’s hard to tell. Also, LG used some naturally saturated colors in their demo content, which makes it hard to judge the quality of the color reproduction. However, I can tell you that the demo movie did look beyond this world, and I suspect that people are going to love this. OLED, or self-illuminated displays in general, is going to be the new arms race in the TV world.

The conclusion is: big OLED TVs are almost upon us, but at the rumored priced of $8000, the final question is: how much? But whatever the price is initially, we all know this: consumer electronic prices only go down, and fast! Check out a couple more shots of this puppy after the jump.

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