Lomography fans out there, interested in recording some digitized lomography videos? Well if you are, you might want to check out the LomoKino Smartphone Holder, a device that would make it easier for users to record lomography videos in a digital format with little to no fuss, or at least that’s what Lomography clams. As the name implies, the LomoKino Smartphone Holder is indeed just that. 

However when attached to the LomoKinoScope viewer, it will allow users to record videos from their smartphones in the same style and effects that they would have gotten from the LomoKino. For those unfamiliar, the LomoKinoScope is part of the LomoKino bundle which is essentially a hand-cranked video recorder that films in 35mm camera film. Unfortunately this would mean that you would have to spend money developing it, and converting it into a digital movie would require additional steps.

As you might have surmised, the LomoKino Smartphone Holder combined with the LomoKinoScope would essentially take the hassle out of converting to digital, since it would be digitally recorded on your smartphone straight away. The LomoKino Smartphone Holder is available via Lomography’s website where you will also be able to find sample videos and additional information.

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