Disposable cameras are hardly new technology, although given that throwing them away does seem like a waste, plus the fact that they use film means that the number of customers such cameras appeal to aren’t that many. However Lomography is hoping to change that as they have launched their own take on the disposable camera in the form of the “Simple Use”.

As you can see in the photo above, at first glance you might think it’s just a regular disposable. However it does come with several quirks that are signature of Lomography’s cameras, such as how there are several colored flash gels that you can use to create weird effects with your photos.

The camera will also be offered in three different models: one with a black and white film, a blue color negative version, and a purple LomoChrome version. However apart from that, all cameras will use a 31mm lens with a 1/120 shutter and a f/9.0 aperture, which isn’t exactly the best for low-light photography but we guess that’s where the flash should come in handy.

While they are designed to be disposable, Lomography has actually shared instructions on its website where for those who are brave enough, they can actually trying reloading a new roll of film when the bundled one runs out. The Simple Use cameras can be bought in a bundle with all three models priced at $53 in total, or individually where the black and white and color negative versions are priced at $17 each, or $22 for the LomoChrome version.

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