lomoinstantEarlier this year Lomography launched a Kickstarter campaign for a camera called the Lomo’Instant. In a world where we use our phones and tablets and digital cameras to snap digital photos and videos, Lomo’Instant is a throwback to the good old days of film where you can snap a photo and have a film version printed on the spot, much like Polaroid’s cameras.

Well the good news is that if you were intrigued by the camera, you will be pleased to learn that the Lomo’Instant was successfully funded and is available for “regular” purchase, according to the Lomography website. The camera is priced at $149 and will be available in three different colors – black, white, or a Sanremo finish, and they will all be accompanied by three different lens attachments, although the Sanremo finish is still in pre-order phase and is expected to be released in December.

The camera will come with a wide-angle lens by default and it will be built-in, but the lens attachments will offer up something different in the form of fisheye, close-up, and a portrait lens. The Lomo’Instant will also feature unlimited long exposures and photographers can also choose to add color gels that will help give off a special effect to the finished photo.

The film used for the cameras is the Fujifilm Instax Mini film so photographers should keep that in mind when they are looking for a refill. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, hop on over to the Lomography website to get your hands on one.

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