diana_f_2b_experimental-lens_4Lomography, the camera company, has released many cameras in the past that have defied how photography should look like. The company’s products have typically allowed for creation of photographs with weird colors and effects which is a departure from how photographers usually prefer to take their photos and where they strive for color balance, sharpness, and etc. Now for those who own Micro Four Thirds cameras, you might be interested to learn that Lomography has announced an “Experimental Lens Kit” for your cameras which will bring about the same weird colors and effects to your photographs, although the main difference here we guess would be how your camera actually processes it.

The lens kit includes a 24mm standard lens, a 12mm f/8.0 wide-angle lens, and a fisheye lens with an aperture of f/8.0 as well. Each lens will come with a built-in shutter speed of 1/100sec and Bulb which will allow for multiple exposures, and a T-mode that will hold the shutter open for a normal live view. For those who wish to experiment with colors and effects further, each lens will have a slot that will accommodate color gel filters. The entire lens kits will set you back 79 GBP, although we suspect that this lens kit will probably not be for everyone, but could be worth checking out if you wish to try a bit of experimental photography.

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