Microsoft is certainly doing their bit to be on Santa’s nice list this year, starting early by offering their Flight Simulator title for free this spring. The game is simply known as “Flight,” and you need not fork out a single cent in order to take to the skies. I remember back in the day, a joystick peripheral for the desktop proved to be a luxury purchase for a poor primary school student like me, and I looked on in envy as my friends who were from a higher economic background had the latest joysticks with more buttons than you can throw a stick at. Microsoft’s Flight Simulator also proved to be an interesting game at first, but it certainly lacked the adrenaline rush of X-Wing or TIE Fighter, never mind that the latter two hail from the domain of an overactive imagination that laughs at the laws of physics in the face.

Those who connect with a free Games for Windows Live account will also be entitled to additional free content such as planes, missions, Achievements and an Online Pilot Profile. If you want to further enhance your overall gaming experience, you can always purchase more aircraft, regions and customization options via an in-game marketplace. Good thing this is not one of those apps that leave you frustrated as you cannot progress unless you fork out real world money for it – “Flight” works differently since you aren’t competing with anyone else.

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