There is nothing like a “breakfast for champions” to get the day started, and folks who love nothing better than some well-made toast, a pot of your favorite coffee brew and some well-done eggs as well as sausages would definitely give two thumbs up to the Nostalgia Electrics Retro Series 3-in-1 Breakfast Station. This is one Breakfast Station that lives up to its name, making toast, coffee and eggs and sausage in a case that harks back to your parents’ younger days. Retailing for $50 a pop, this 3-in-1 unit comprises a toaster oven, griddle, and coffee maker in one unit, where the toaster oven has 6 liters of space inside to get the job done, while the coffee maker brews a good four cups of joe to give you that much needed kickstart. As for the removable non-stick hot plate, that is just perfect for some sunny side up eggs and grilled sausages, done to just the way you like it. Talk about traveling back to the past with a single device!

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