It’s been awhile since the WiGig wireless communications technology was announced, but we finally get to see it being used in a product (to be more specific – prototype). The folks over at Panasonic recently came up with an SD card that supports WiGig technology. When combined with a wireless controller such as a tablet, users can quickly and easily transmit data from the SD card to a display over short distances – WiGig transmits data at gigabit speed, but is limited to a range of 1-3 meters, so don’t see it replacing WiFi anytime soon. However, for places such as inside a car (i.e. from passenger seats to seat-mounted displays) – WiGig is works perfectly.


Panasonic aims to release commercialized WiGig SD cards for in-vehicle use in summer 2013. Check out the video demonstration of WiGig in action above.

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