While the iPhone 4S is the undisputed, best iPhone to date, that does not mean other companies are just going to sit down and do nothing about the situation. You might have heard of the name Raspberry Pi before – this company churns out micro PCs, and the tech startup has taken off its kids’ gloves now, claiming that their Raspberry Pi machine is capable of outperforming NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 chipset, and will even offer double the iPhone 4S’ performance in a benchmark of its graphical capabilities.


Upton of Raspberry Pi mentioned in a GamesIndustry interview, “To summarise, BCM2835 has a tile mode architecture – so it kills immediate-mode devices like Tegra on fill-rate – and we’ve chosen to configure it with a very large amount of shader performance. So it does very well on compute-intensive benchmarks, and should double iPhone 4S performance across a range of content.” Of course, all of that is just theory, and what matters most would be real life performance. Would you be looking out for a Raspberry Pi when it arrives?

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