There is nothing quite like technology working alongside you as you engage the enemy on the battlefield – after all, isn’t it a whole lot safer flying a Predator drone across dangerous enemy territory without worrying about having to eject at the right moment so that you do not end up as ashes as your plane explodes, not to mention wondering what is the backup plan should the parachute fail to open? With suicide bombers making headlines quite often these days, it can also be rather tough to figure out just what is an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) and what isn’t.

Well, the US Army intends to make sure they troops are up to snuff with a new simulation exercise that is made up of mostly off-the-shelf components, where it intends to better prepare our boys and girls on the battlefield for the physical and psychological challenges of IED attacks. This simulator is located within a mounted vehicle where it is positioned right smack in front of a large display, and one is then exposed to jarring explosions, smoke, noise and poor visibility, which are all common denominators that pinpoint IED assaults. This intends to help one prepare the experience of an actual IED situation, although nothing can quite prepare one for the real thing, but every little bit helps.

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