A name like Solowheel might be interpreted by Star Wars fans as a new vehicle of Han Solo’s, while those who attended the recently concluded CES in Las Vegas would know that this is a motorized, seat-less unicycle that lacks a frame or saddle. The footboards will fold out from the wheel as though it hailed from the future and has some sort of Cybertronian technology built inside, and in order to ride it, all you need to do is stand on the footboards and straddle the wheel. When you lean your body forward, the wheel will kick start its battery-powered electric motor into action, propelling you forward at speeds of up to 10 miles per hour.

The wheel is equipped with a gyroscope in order to keep him or her upright, and you can more or less say that this is a single-wheeled Segway that has far less bulk and will turn more heads, too. Unfortunately, its rechargeable battery has just a 15- to 20-mile range, so your impersonation of Fred Flintstone might be cut short sooner than you would have liked. Tipping the scales at just 26 pounds, the Solowheel will retail for $1,800 a pop.

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