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Spotify has announced that it is now featuring third party services and content, thanks to its App platform. The idea is that apps can supplement, if not “magnify” the Spotify experience by adding a simple service (top list, lyrics…) or a social aspect (listen in a virtual room with your friends…). At the moment, there are only 15 apps, but given Spotify’s reach, you can expect many more to come soon.I’ve looked at the TuneWiki (lyrics) and the Billboard Top Charts apps, and they are both very well integrated and snappy (iTunes should learn a thing or two from Spotify…).  Interestingly, I wasn’t able to find a lot of lyrics from TuneWiki, and I’m assuming that this is a licensing issue. However, when I do find them, it’s a fun experience.

The RollingStones app was really slow, and hopefully this is only due to a ramp-up of their infrastructure, because the content would just not load on my PC. Finally, Songkick Concerts did look like a very interesting app, as it lets people track concerts based on their library, and concerts are clearly an experience that is more valued than digital music these days. All in all, this is an interesting start for what can be a long steam of apps inside Spotify.

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