Tobii, an eye-tracking technology company, has been working on making its Gaze eye-tracking technology compatible with Windows 8. With this new version, users can just look at App tiles and click on a trackpad or a mouse to launch them. There is no need to reach out to the screen and swipe, which is a bit awkward when not working with a tablet. Tobii says that Gaze can emulate every swipe motions from Windows 8.This is a new potential application for Gaze, which has been used in the past for professional or medical applications. Gaze requires the installation of an “Eye control device” which attach to the computer via USB. It looks a bit like a webcam that track where your eyes are looking. So far, the device has been successful at helping patients with motor skills impairments, but Tobii is now ready for the next level. What would you do with this technology?

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