[CES 2012] Justin Bieber is a character who divides people down the middle – either you hate him or love him, and what better way to garner attention to your products than team up with the pubescent prince? That is what TOSY did with their mRobo robot, where this portable digital lifeform is not only capable of dancing, but doubles up as a speaker as well. After all, it would not make too much sense to groove to some wicked dance moves without any thumping music, is there? The mRobo tips the scales at 3.3 lbs, and will not be taller than 18″ in size. With 2GB of internal memory, the built-in speaker will be able to kick off all your favorite Justin Bieber tunes at bass levels of 40Hz. Gotta love how it can transform into a speaker, and when the music starts playing, it cannot stop shufflin’. Currently just a prototype, do expect more polished and refined work to be done before it hits the mass markets this fall, in time for the holiday season, for around $200 thereabouts.

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