The folks over at the FCC have recently gotten their hands on the Transcend StoreJet Cloud, which in essence is a wireless storage device. Having first made an appearance earlier last December, it finally arrived at the doorsteps of the FCC to gain a collective stamp of approval before it hits the mass market. Basically, the Transcend StoreJet Cloud will function as a wireless hard drive which will hook up to iOS-powered devices with the help of a free app. You are then able to proceed with streaming media straight from the device. Those who own gizmos that have a rather low amount of built-in memory with no way of expanding the storage space will most probably find the Transcend StoreJet Cloud to be a most useful device. Other details of the Transcend StoreJet Cloud include the ability to hook up to PCs over Wi-Fi, with Android support in the works. You will need to fork out top dollar for this puppy though, where 300 clams is expected to net you a mere 64GB of storage space. Contrast that with a portable hard drive and you get the picture…but then again that is comparing apples with oranges.

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