So you’re a fan of technology and what not, so what sort of cufflinks do you think could best convey that to other people around you? Well, we’ve seen some pretty techy cufflinks before, but we have to say that these pair of WiFi cufflinks certainly do take the cake, and by WiFi we mean that these cufflinks apparently have the ability to create a wireless hotspot.

This really begs the question as to who on earth who need to wear a set of wireless hotspots while on the move? While we’re sure the wireless hotspot feature could come in handy on rare occasions, its sheer novelty value would probably be what attracts tech orientated customers to it. It should be noted that one cufflink will be the wireless hotspot creator, which can be connected to an online computer, while the other is merely a 2GB flash drive.

Interested in picking a set of these WiFi cufflinks up for yourself? If you are, head on over to Firebox’s website for more information on how it works, and where you will be able to order a pair of these cufflinks for a whopping $300. Any takers?

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