Windows XP is one of the most loved editions of the Windows operating system to date, being extremely stable, and even granted a warrant to have its downgrade rights extended all the way to 2020. In fact, Windows XP’s successor, Vista, performed extremely badly, seeing how it took Windows 7 just 10 months to overtake Windows Vista in terms of market share – and with Windows 7 having a backbone that is based on Windows XP, that makes plenty of sense. More than a decade down the road, and Windows XP is still supported by Microsoft, commanding a highly respectable 46.52% of the global computing market, while Windows 7 has 36.99% of control when you compare those two side by side.

Microsoft recently sent a reminder to Windows XP users that official support for the operating system stands at 798 days left, and have encouraged users to make the migration to Windows 7. Microsoft says, “It takes 18-24 months to plan for and deploy a new operating system. If you haven’t started planning to migrate your Windows XP PCs to a modern OS, or if your migration plan have stalled here are some great tools to help you.” Two years and two months – procrastinators would think that it is still a long way off, how about you?

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