Gamers tend to lose themselves in the particular game that they play, interrupting themselves for the most essential of bodily functions such as relieving themselves in the loo and perhaps taking a quick break to eat a slice of pizza or two. Well, Ben Heck has come up with something interesting that allows Xbox 360 gamers to continue gaming while eating, without having to get their hands greasy at all either – thanks to the “lazy man” gaming device. A Hot Pockets extruder has been attached to an Xbox 360 game controller, where the plastic carrier with a manual slider is able to securely hold a Hot Pocket, moving it forward easily as you eat.

This plastic carrier is attached to the top of the game controller’s charge and play plug, allowing you to wolf down a tasty snack while you game – without having to get up from the living room, and neither do you have this thing called dirty dishes left to wash.

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