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Ben Heck Mods Xbox One Controller For Single-handed Use
The majority of gamers have full use of their limbs, but there are also those who are disabled which does not make them any less pro than most of us. Ben Heck knows that and has created controllers for the Xbox 360 in the past catered towards gamers with disabilities, and it looks like the master console modern is back with a new mod, this time in the form of […]

Ultimate Combo System From Ben Heck
I am quite sure that if you have been following tech blogs for some years already, you would most probably have heard of the modding guru extraordinary, Ben Heck, who has come up with some seemingly crazy modifications in the past, and he continues to cement his legacy with yet another “impossible” project known as the Ultimate Combo System. The Ultimate Combo System is all about unity, as it will […]

NES Revamped By Ben Heck
We did take a look at a revamped SNES as well as read about a custom painted Nintendo 64 controller, but here we are with modder extraordinary, Ben Heck, in his element again with a revamped NES. Yes sir, an old school 8-bit NES has just been given some love by Ben Heck, where it will now come complete with automatic, slot loading capabilities. This is definitely not a modification […]

BASIC pocket PC is Ben Heck’s latest modding effort
Modding guru Ben Heck has had his fair share of hits in the past (with very few, or no misses at all) and we are pleased to note that he has yet to hang up his modding gloves to date. Hopefully he will never stop, and his latest project would be this BASIC pocket computer that you see above (image from Engadget), where this particular device will requires parts from […]


Android app helps stir that pot of yours
You know how too many cooks can spoil the soup? Well, I guess that is not an issue at all with this particular app from Ben Heck, where the Android-powered app will be used to stir a pot remotely, letting users heat their meals to the right temperature regardless of where they are in the house. Ben Heck was apparently one who picked up the inspiration for such an idea […]

Ben Heck turns InfraWave oven into soldering tools
Ben Heck does not only potter around the house, he actually uses his Forge-like abilities (don’t know who Forge is? He is the super brilliant mutant who is able to cobble together technological wonders in moments) to tinker around with current devices, turning them into something better or more practical. Reverse engineering is the theme of the day, as Ben Heck turns an old-school InfraWave oven into an engineer’s ultimate […]

Tweet heart by Ben Heck
Ben Heck is back again with his latest zany creation that does not involve video games – controllers or consoles, but rather, will tug at your heart as Valentine’s Day approaches. The modding guru has come up with a digital candy “tweet heart” that sports an LED display. According to Ben, “As a self-proclaimed geeky bachelor, this episode was the perfect opportunity to tap into my romantic side and build […]

Xbox 360 controller holds your snack for uninterrupted gaming
Gamers tend to lose themselves in the particular game that they play, interrupting themselves for the most essential of bodily functions such as relieving themselves in the loo and perhaps taking a quick break to eat a slice of pizza or two. Well, Ben Heck has come up with something interesting that allows Xbox 360 gamers to continue gaming while eating, without having to get their hands greasy at all […]

iPhone gets Ben Heck touch
[CES 2012] I would dare venture to say that most folks involved in the gaming scene rather deeply would know who Ben Heck is – modder extraordinary, and his most recent exploit would see the transformation of the Apple iPhone into what he calls “the ultimate hand-held gaming device.” Seriously, is it going to kick some Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita butt? Let us take a closer look. Ben Heck […]

Ben Heck conjures accessible controller for Pompe disease patient
Ben Heck is one modder who has extraordinary skills, and his past work is testimony enough. Well, the man seems to go on like a Duracell bunny when it comes to churning out new creations all the time, with the latest one seeing far more heart put inside than previous efforts. Ben, having received a request from a teacher in New Jersey, has quite a task at hand – to […]

Attack of the Super Clock
Modding guru Ben Heck is certainly no devil’s workshop – after all, have you ever seen him with idle hands? Guess not, which is why he has worked with element14, the first collaborative community and electronics store for design engineers and electronics enthusiasts, by rolling out a movie-themed Attack of the Super Clock. This unique timepiece is more or less guaranteed to be able to get you out of bed […]

Ben Heck develops proximity sensor for cyclists
Being a cyclist is the way to go if you happen to live in a city where everything is within close proximity, making it rather pointless to own a car and fight for parking downtown while running the risk of picking up an illegal parking ticket as well. Not only that, it helps keep the environment green, and you will get your daily dose of exercise – but there are […]

Ben Heck creates a car seat rocker with Android's ADK
In the most recent episode of the Ben Heck show, the modder extraordinaire took Google’s ADK (Accessory Development Kit) and made a car seat that rocks your baby to sleep.

Gamer mobility with couple of Xbox 360 controllers enhanced thanks to Ben Heck
Ben Heck, the extra-ordinary modder who has come up with numerous modifications of gaming consoles (portable or otherwise), recently deconstructed and reconfigured the stock Xbox 360 controller into split controllers on his “The Ben Heck Show”. Yes sir, the whole reason behind this? Split controllers are said to increase accessibility and mobility for individuals who live with physical disabilities. Now that’s a big hearted man for you – why should […]