[CES 2012] The world of 3D glasses are separated into two groups – active shutter and passive shutter, and what you see here are 3D active shutter glasses from Xpand 3D, where the one shown right after the jump would target kids (you can tell by the smaller size). At least this pair of 3D glasses do not look all that dorky, although I do think that ordinary folks who wear corrective lenses over the bridge of their nose which are funky in nature might just find it more comfortable to wear a pair of contacts instead when donning Xpand 3D’s offerings at CES. These two pairs of 3D active shutter glasses will support the Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative standard, where it will pave the way for Full HD 3D picture quality to be displayed to each eye, depending on the kind of 3D displays that you have in your living room. Hopefully sleeker designs are in the pipeline, but then again, nobody is going to snap photos of you while you’re watching 3D movies at home, right?

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