At CES 2012, we saw Razer unveil a tablet concept known as Project Fiona which definitely wowed the crowd, considering it bordered on the magical in terms of design and perceived capability. Well, another major player in the computer gaming hardware market, Alienware, might also branch off in the same direction, delivering a tablet that was specially designed from ground up to satisfy gamers. Alienware product manager Eoin Leyden did drop hints that they could be working on something similar to Project Fiona, saying, “We have discussed it [tablets] a couple of times. There are issues and limitations that make it difficult to see that would appeal to our core audience right now.”


High powered gaming tablets might be a dream device, but as we all know, desktop replacement notebooks for gamers tend to guzzle up the battery life too soon, leaving this niche market in the hands of dedicated consoles such as the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita. A tablet that is just dedicated for gaming? Sounds good, but assuming the battery life issue is resolved, there is also another niggling problem – how to get developers to jump aboard and roll out hit titles? After all, it is great software that will really move hardware…

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