For those shopping about for a new home theatre system and don’t really need a system that powerful or expensive, you might be interested in checking out Bowers & Wilkins’ latest offerings in the form of the MT-50 and the MT-60D, with the former setting you back £1,100 while the latter will be priced at a more expensive £1,950.

Both systems are 5.1 surround sound systems, but with the MT-50, it will come with five M1 satellites, with each speaker sporting a new port on the rear alongside all-new drive units, and the MT-25’s ASW608 subwoofer that is reportedly capable of retaining 200W output levels. Each satellite speaker will also sport a new tweeter and bass/mid-range drive that B&W claims will allow for them to work in a stereo pairing on top of its 5.1 surround sound set up.

As far as the MT-60D is concerned, it too will feature five M1 satellite speakers, but the difference between the MT-60D and the MT-50 is the the former will feature B&W’s new subwoofer, the PV1D whose hardware is comparable to that of B&W’s more pricey offering, the DB1. It sports an OLED screen for adjustments to sound level and volume and is reportedly capable of outputting 400W.

Now if you don’t need a 5.1 surround system, and you think you’d be perfectly happy with a 2.1 setup, the M1 satellite speakers can be bought separately at £150 each, with the ASW606 subwoofer being priced at £349 and the PV1D at £1,200.

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