If you’re looking for a new pair of headphones, especially those of the wired variety since more handset OEMs seem to be doing away with the headphone jack these days, you might be interested to learn that Bowers & Wilkins have recently taken the wraps off their latest pair of cans in the form of the PX.

These are a pair of wireless headphones and one of the key features of the headphones is that it features adaptive noise cancellation technology. This means that depending on the situation you are in, you will be able to choose from different noise cancelling profiles from the accompanying app. For example one of the profiles is “city” which will allow noise from traffic to come through the headphones so that you don’t get run over by cars.

They will also come with a feature that knows when you’ve removed the headphones from your ear and will pause your music, and puts them on standby when you put the headphones down which could help with conserving battery life. These aren’t exactly groundbreaking features since there are quite a few headphones that offer such features, but if you like Bowers & Wilkins for their sound quality and design, then perhaps the PX could be worth checking out although at around $437, they are pretty expensive.

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