When it comes to plugging in a USB device, don’t you wish that there was some sort of indicator on the USB plug itself to let you know just which way is “up” without having to peer inside, and making a referential look at the USB port itself? I would have thought that someone might have done something about it, but after hitting USB 3.0 only do we have what could be a viable worldwide solution down the road to avoid future confusions. Buffalo of Japan has a new USB hub that will roll out sometime at the end of this month, allowing you to connect your USB cord regardless of which way it faces – that is, upwards or downwards.


No longer do you need to squint and peer into your USB jack to determine how the USB connector is plugged in – but unfortunately, Buffalo’s attempts maxes out at USB 2.0 – why can’t they just release a USB 3.0 version instead? Available in blue, black, white, and pink colors at $23 a pop after conversion, this is a no-brainer USB hub.

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