SeaviewIf you’ve always wanted to know what it would like to explore the bottom of the sea, but have no idea how to dive, or afraid of the water – Google’s Seaview project with the University of Queensland and the Catlin Group is here to help. Starting with the Great Barrier Reef, the collaborative effort will attempt to bring Google’s Street View service underwater by letting users explore it through 360-degree panorama shots.

In addition to letting users view what it’s like in the Great Barrier Reef, it will also be used to monitor the health of the Great Barrier Reef and the fragile ecosystem that has become increasingly endangered. Driver Propulsion Systems and robotic subs will help create the 360-degree shots (no Google trucks here) which will then be stitched together and placed online. There will also be a YouTube video series documenting the progress of the project and highlighting anything new that they learn.

[Catlin Seaview Survey]

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