It is a given that if you happen to suffer from a certain degree of ill health, so much so that you need to pay a visit to the doctor’s, after going through the nuances such as taking one’s temperature and poking you where it hurts really hard, only to ask, “Is it painful here?”, that you trudge out of his/her office and fork out a small fortune to the pharmacist in exchange for some medicine. Perhaps things might be a little bit different in the future – general practitioners in the UK might eventually be asked to recommend smartphone apps that are free or extremely affordable to their patients. This move was recommended in order to offer patients more power and reduce visits to doctors.

Imagine the smartphone apps that targets food allergy suffers, scanning bar codes on shop products in order to warn them if there are some nasty ingredients which might just flare up their allergy. How about a diabetes app that reminds folks to check blood sugar levels and to religiously take their medication? Will these paid app recommendations see a cut go into the medical industry eventually?

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