Dropbox has more goodies in store for Android device owners, with co-founder and CEO Drew Houston trumpeting Dropbox’s mission to solve all of the “hidden problems” that people have with technology, where new versions of their Desktop and Android clients are able to upload one’s photos to your Dropbox account – automatically. The premise is very simple – all you need to do is shoot a few photos using your smartphone, and without the need to tether up to wires of any sort, they will be synchronized to your computer within a couple of minutes, presuming that there is adequate bandwidth available, of course. While folks might argue that iCloud and Google+ already do that, it is interesting to note that Dropbox has positioned themselves in a unique enclave – as majority of Dropbox users are not Mac users, while Google+ is still in its infancy. Not only that, Dropbox automatically synchronizes full-sized versions of your images, while Google+ downscales those images to 2048px at their longest edge.


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