Fujitsu of Japan knows that the world is a global village, and regardless of the continent, there is money to be made – with the right product, of course. Europe’s economy is not exactly in the pink of health at the moment, but that does not mean the Japanese giant has overlooked the continent. No sir, word on the street has it that Fujitsu intends to start selling their Android and Windows Phone-powered devices in that part of the world. So far, a debut at Mobile World Congress next month is definitely a step in the right direction, not to mention those of us living Stateside being on the receiving end of Fujitsu smartphones sometime this year or in the next.


It remains to be seen whether there is confirmation of either Android or Windows Phone devices being sold in Europe, although the kind of devices sold will have their own fair share of good and bad points. For starters, Android is the most popular smartphone operating system at the moment, but that would mean Fujitsu’s hardware will have to be outstanding from the myriad of models available. As for Windows Phone, less hardware players in this platform means a better chance to shine, but how many users would be swayed to jump aboard the Windows Phone bandwagon after that? Which do you think it will be for Fujitsu?

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