[MWC 2012] We stumbled upon this Fujitsu Tegra 3 smartphone prototype, and although we could not boot or use the interface, we snapped some photos and here are our first impressions: it has a very classic look and is pretty much your average Android smartphone. In the back, there’s what seems to be a tactile sensor, but we’re not completely sure and are waiting for the official answer (or any answer, haha).

Of course, the inside is more “high-end” and you can expect a hardware configuration that is very similar to other Tegra 3 phones, the cameras or displays being the main differentiators between Tegra 3 phones as far as we can tell.

In any case, this is going to be Fujitsu’s flagship smartphone whenever it comes out and you can expect to see it in Japan of course, but Fujitsu also plans to ship it in the U.S. Unfortunately, it is still under development and may not be available for some time. Some say months, if not a full year. Needless to say that while this is a great design-win for NVIDIA, Fujitsu may face some tough competition when the product finally launches in America.

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