Google logoOut from the horse’s mouth – the Republic of Iran has blocked Google’s encrypted search, Gmail service, Google Videos and YouTube since February 10th. This is no small news, as over 30 million Internet users in Iran have not been able to gain access to their e-mail accounts, and Gmail is not the only one affected, as Microsoft’s Hotmail too, has been affected. It is rather weird to have Iran’s Information Technology Organization and the Telecommunication Infrastructure Co. mention that they are unaware of the issue. According to state-run news agency Mehr, any problems that arise from this move has nothing to do with them at all. What do you think of the this move – how will it affect Google’s coffers negatively, and more importantly, how else are the students in Iran supposed to get their homework done without Google? Definitely unimaginable in a first world country, but then again, that might be why Iran is not part of the first world country group.

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