Google has been criticized for going around security settings in Apple’s Safari browser in an attempt to track users who are on desktops as well as iPhones. This intentional move has definitely drawn flak from users, and Google is not the only one in on the game though, as a bunch of other advertisers too, have exploited the loophole in order to track the same users. According to Jonathan Mayer, the independent researcher at Stanford University who uncovered the truth behind this workaround by Google, “Our data suggests that millions of users may have been affected.”

Apple themselves have spoken up on the situation, saying, “We are aware that some third parties are circumventing Safari’s privacy features and we are working to put a stop to it.” Google should do something about winning back users’ trust, no doubt about it, and the search giant should also take a closer look at their privacy policy. At least inform users that they are about to be tracked, or offer an option.

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