Speakers tend to be made out of wood due to its natural acoustic qualities. This however does not mean that other materials cannot be used, and Kenwood doesn’t think so either and has unveiled the Kenwood ODELIC SP0001 Glass Speakers,which if the name did not already give it away, is made out of glass, or to be more specific, the housing of the speaker is made from glass.

With the housing made from glass, certain things had to be taken into account to prevent the glass from cracking or shattering from the vibrations. This is apparently achieved with the speakers itself being made from an aluminum die-cast body which is said to help reduce unnecessary vibrations.

Kenwood is also offering a speaker stand as an accessory which provides blue/white LEDs to “light” up your speakers from below. The speaker stand accessory itself is expected to cost $275, while the speakers are going for $1,360. While we cannot speak for the quality of the speakers, if you’re looking for something unique in design, the Kenwood ODELIC SP0001 Glass Speakers could be just what you are looking for. [Product page]

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