If you are a huge fan of the MotorStorm franchise, then you would be pleased to hear that just a day before the iPad 3 is supposed to be announced, MotorStorm RC will be released for the PS Vita and PS3 platforms. Sony claims that MotorStorm RC “has been transformed into the most exciting and addictive racing game we’ve ever created” – although the real testament to that statement would be results of game reviews as well as the number of copies that fly off the shelves. MotorStorm RC will see you pay a visit to the extreme locations found in its bigger brothers, including the rocks and mesas of Monument Valley, the jungles and beaches of Pacific Rift, as well as ice sheets and mountains of Arctic Edge.

There are 8 classic MotorStorm vehicle types to choose from, and in your attempt to claim the pole position in every event, you will find yourself going up against eight other vehicles simultaneously. There also three game types to master – Drift, Pursuit, and Hot Lap. The PS3 version will no doubt be the better looking of the two, sporting 1080p HD visuals; stereoscopic 3D; SimulView same-screen multiplayer and classic four-player split-screen multiplayer. I guess Sony is secretly nudging you to get a spanking new Sony HDTV that is 3D-capable in due time!

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