Mozilla may be known for putting out products like Firefox, but it looks like they might be interested in taking the smartphone market on with an operating system of their own dubbed Boot2Gecko, and according to rumors, it seems that Mozilla and LG might have teamed up for a Boot2Gecko phone of its own that will be going on display at MWC next week.


Unlike the competition, Boot2Gecko is supposedly a truly open source project, which means that this is indeed great news for manufacturers, carriers and end-users who want to have absolute and total control over their devices. The Boot2Gecko OS apart from being completely open, will also offer an open framework and browser and an app store of its own.

However according to the reports, Boot2Gecko is supposedly in a rather primitive state at the moment, but the rumors are saying Mozilla and LG have several carriers lined up as partners who will be willing to offer the software and hardware to their customers in the future.

Since neither of this can be confirmed, not to mention LG’s entire lineup for MWC has been caught on video, we suggest taking this with a grain of salt for now. With MWC only a few days away, we guess we will wait until then to see if these rumors pan out, but what do you guys think? Does the smartphone market really need another operating system?

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