Napoleon and Hitler failed to make any headway and conquer Russia completely during their respective campaigns, and online video streaming services Netflix and Hulu are determined not to repeat past mistakes of those who want to invade Russia by expanding their services in that part of the world. From the translated report of Russian newspaper Vedomosti, Hulu executives paid a visit to Moscow at the end of 2011, and held meetings with Russia’s leading film studios and video services. These meetings involved the discussion of launching Hulu’s services in that part of the world. As for Netflix, they have previously expressed interest in delivering their content to Russia as well – which is a large country with a sizeable population.


It makes sense, really, to expand into previously untapped markets if you are going to increase your revenue base. After all, recent comScore research does point towards Russians as the top group who views online video compared to the rest of Europe. Since it is freezing cold in Europe now, and staying warm and toasty indoors is far more inviting than taking a walk outside a frozen park, why not watch the movies that you want to view at the same time? [Translated Page]

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