Junaio ARIf you’re excited about the Olympic Games and you’re keen on learning more about the sports and venues and you have the Junaio app on your smartphone, you’re in luck. ARworks has launched a new channel for the Junaio AR browser: the Augmented Reality Olympic Navigator. With the app, users can see cities of previous Olympic Games or the exact venues of the 2012 London Olympics around them on the live picture of their smartphone.

All you have to do is launch the app, choose the content, raise your phone and turn around – the dates of all 26 games from the past (Athens, Stockholm, Sydney etc) with the distance and direction of the cities from where you are standing will appear on the screen. By selecting the floating icon of a city, you can read up on some trivia – the number of sports and participants and so on. You can even select a sport to find out more information on Wikipedia. And if you’re in London, you can even use the app to help you find out where you need to go – a pretty handy tool if you decide to go down for the Olympic Games this year.

The Junaio AR Browser is available now on the Android Market or Apple App Store, and the Augmented Reality Olympic Navigator channel can be added by scanning the following QR code:

Junaio AR QR code

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