The humble paperclip is often overlooked as an important tool – in the right hands, it might be able to open up locked drawers and cabinets, and who can forget the classic “CD-ROM will not open” syndrome? This is where you carefully straighten out a paperclip and push it into the tiny hole right under the drive bay to force the tray out, with its content inside. You can add this to the list of useful things that a paperclip can do – to bypass your iPhone’s passcode, in addition to accessing your voicemail, contacts, recently made calls, as well as different data stashed within.

A YouTube video of the entire process has been posted by the iPhoneIslam team, as a picture speaks a thousand words, so it is a whole lot easier to just watch the whole video and see how you can pull a MacGyver. First of all, you will need a paperclip, as well as a missed call notification that is visible on your home screen. Once those conditions are met, pop out your iPhone’s SIM card, wait for a few seconds, push the SIM tray back in, and swipe one’s finger across the missed call the moment the iPhone recognizes the SIM card again. Perfect timing is required here, as a moment too soon or too late would cause this exploit to fail. The iPhoneIslam team claims that this works with all iOS 5 iPhones, so have you tried this trick out? For those who are paranoid androids, you can always turn off the missed call notifications which could prove to be rather inconvenient, but that is the price for security, at least until this flaw is fixed.

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