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Earlier today, we reported about the press shot of an upcoming Samsung phone leaked by Eldar Murtazin, and while most of us were content with catching a glimpse of what the phone like, some people weren’t too convinced. The folks over at Android Community took a closer look at the picture, and sure enough, it looks like we’re dealing with a fake image here.

Zoomed in shots reveal some jagged edges around the icons – a telltale sign of a bad photoshop job, though it could also be the result of poor image compression. However, the display of the phone tells us more than that. The screen shows the phone using the stock Android Ice Cream Sandwich icon for accessing your programs and the divider bar, which doesn’t match up with the Ice Cream Sandwich builds for the Galaxy S2 that have leaked so far.

The phone also looks exactly like the international version of the Galaxy S2, with the only differences physically being the resized display, and change in capacitive buttons. While there’s a possibility of it being a badly “photoshopped” official image, chances of it are unlikely so it’s probably a fake that Eldar somehow stumbled upon or released for fun. So I guess all that hype was for nothing.. or was it? Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted.

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