SanDisk has made their way into the record books yet again – with the release of the world’s smallest 128Gb NAND flash memory chip. This particular gem of a semiconductor device is capable of stashing away 128 billion individual bits of information on a single silicon die that measures just 170mm square in size – that amounts to slightly more than a 0.25″ squared, which is smaller than the area of your standard US penny. Now this is definitely small, and we are venturing a guess that the ever shrinking size of NAND flash memory would pave the way to a computing future that sees smaller and more powerful devices without breaking the bank.

SanDisk managed to build the 128Gb NAND flash memory chip using their industry-leading 19 nanometer (nm) process technology. Not only that, the chip will also utilize SanDisk’s three-bit per cell (X3) technology which enables them to construct NAND flash memory products that are able to read and write three bits of information in each memory cell. Performance of this NAND flash memory chip includes a write performance of 18MB/s. [Press Release]

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