We know that making a decision can be hard sometimes, and some of us resort to flipping a coin or using the “magic” 8-ball in order to arrive at our answers. Well if you’re looking to help make a decision in a more philosophical or “scientific” way, ThinkGeek’s Schrödinger’s Cat Executive Decision Maker might be a gadget/toy worth checking out, although we don’t think you should blame us or ThinkGeek if the decision ends up to your disadvantage!

For those unfamiliar with Schrödinger’s Cat, it was a thought experiment conducted by Erwin Schrödinger back in 1935. Basically a cat is placed in a box along with a flask containing poison, and a radioactive source that’s placed within a sealed box. According to Schrödinger, the radioactive substance used will be so small that within the hour, one of the atoms could decay, or it might not, and should the Geiger counter detect any form of radiation, the flask in the box will be shattered, releasing the poison thus killing the cat.

However during that period of time, since we can’t actually see what’s going on in the box, the cat could be considered to be both alive and dead at the same time, at least until we open the box where we will then learn if the cat is alive or dead, which is exactly what ThinkGeek’s Schrödinger’s Cat Executive Decision maker is all about.

The gadget features a sliding door where upon opening the door, it will reveal the cat as being alive or dead. If the cat is alive, the answer to your “executive decision” will be a yes, but if the cat is dead, then your answer is no. Now we’re pretty sure you won’t be using this for real executive decisions, but if novelty gadgets are your thing, pop on over to ThinkGeek where you will be able to order it for $29.99.

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