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Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker
There might be conceptual luxurious waffle makers that we have talked about in the past, but this $39.99 Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker is definitely something else – as it is ready and available in the flesh, without having to go under the guise of a concept. A ThinkGeek creation and exclusive, fans of Star Wars will definitely want to own this in their homes, especially when Star Wars: […]

Lazyglasses Helps You Watch TV While Completely Lying Down
After a long day of work, there’s nothing more relaxing than lying down on your couch and catching up with your favorite television shows. The only problem is being able to fully relax on your couch is nearly impossible if you also want to be entertained as it’s difficult to be completely lying down on your back to watch your TV without doing some extreme neck turning. Thanks to a […]

Tropiformer Jacket By Scottevest
Gadget mavens ThinkGeek have worked together with TEC by Scottevest, and their collaboration has resulted in what they call the Tropiformer Jacket. This is no ordinary jacket, and any techie worth his or her salt would obviously know that Scottevest has come up with some snazzy clothing in the past which are extremely tech-friendly and travel-focused. The Tropiformer Jacket will arrive in a quartet of color options, where you have […]

Bounce WiFi Enhancer
So you have a Wi-Fi router in your home, but somehow due to some kind of arcane magic in the vicinity, your room seems to be the only one that fails to receive any signal. Well, fret not – instead of moving your work place to the living room, here is the $24.99 Bounce WiFi Enhancer. Basically, it can transform your regular router into one that runs on steroids – […]


Sonic Screwdriver Programmable TV Remote won't track aliens
If you’re looking for a fancy remote control which you can use to control your TV or any infrared-based device in your house, you’re in luck because nothing gets fancier than this Dr. Who-inspired Sonic Screwdriver Programmable TV Remote. Despite the word Screwdriver in its name, let me assure you – it isn’t going to unscrew any screws for you. However, what it will do is let you program up […]

iCade Mobile now available for purchase
We previously reported about the iCade Mobile going up for sale, and well it looks like today is the day it finally starts to ship. According to reports online and on ThinkGeek’s website, the iPhone accessory is now available for purchase. In case you’re wondering what in the world the iCade Mobile is – it basically is a gaming accessory for hardcore gamers with iPhones. No more falling into pits […]

Earphone Speaker Keychain is a pretty novel idea
It used to be that you would walk down the street and you could immediately point out an Apple user simply by the striking white color cord of their earphones. If you’re looking to be even more noticed, then this Earphone Speaker Keychain from ThinkGeek is a gadget you most definitely will not want to miss. As pictured above, it is somewhat reminiscent of the iPod’s white earbuds and the […]

Typing on the iPhone gets physical with Bluetooth slideout keyboard case
One of the reasons some users are against adopting full touch screen devices is that they enjoy typing on physical keyboards as it provides tactile feedback. Well the good news for users who want to be able to use an iPhone and type on a physical keyboard is that the Bluetooth sliding keyboard case for the iPhone is now available for purchase via ThinkGeek’s website.

X-Gaming USB Joystick: a two-player arcade controller for your PC
If you miss the days of going head to head against your friends at the arcade back when you were younger and wish you could recreate those memories, the X-Gaming USB Joystick might be for you. This heavy duty joystick plugs into your computer via its USB port and features two direction sticks and 16 programmable buttons for old school mayhem on your favorite video game emulators. Its dimensions measure […]

Portal Sentry Turret turned into a life-sized doll
Fans of the game Portal, will be glad to know that they now can get their hands on a life-sized replica of the Sentry Turret doll. While the Sentry Turret doll won’t fire at you, emit red lasers or quote funny phrases, it can stand in the corner of your room (or wherever you want to put it) and is swimming pool/beach-friendly. It stands at 40″ tall and is requires […]

Folderix Flash Drive
Everyone who uses a computer more or less know the world famous icon that makes up a folder on your hard drive. Yes, I am talking about that digital, pixelized image that stashes away different kinds of files. What happens if something in the digital world were to be replicated in the real world? ThinkGeek has just the tonic for those who want a real folder flash drive, offering the […]

Schrödinger's Cat Executive Decision Maker will help you make tough decisions
We know that making a decision can be hard sometimes, and some of us resort to flipping a coin or using the “magic” 8-ball in order to arrive at our answers. Well if you’re looking to help make a decision in a more philosophical or “scientific” way, ThinkGeek’s Schrödinger’s Cat Executive Decision Maker might be a gadget/toy worth checking out, although we don’t think you should blame us or ThinkGeek […]

iCADE 8-Bitty from ThinkGeek unveiled
The Toy Fair 2012 sees ThinkGeek’s latest addition to their stable of weird and interesting gadgets – the iCADE 8-Bitty. After all, ThinkGeek knows that many folks out there already tote around a smartphone or tablet device, be they running on the Android or iOS platforms, and gaming is one of the favorite apps that people download for their devices. Having said that, a touchscreen display is not exactly the […]

Retro USB Mouse takes you back to the 80s
Computers today look nothing like what we used back in the 1980s, and for a good reason too – slimmer desktop casings, monitors and sleeker peripherals just look better. However if you yearn for the days of beige colored hardware and blocky equipment, ThinkGeek’s new Retro USB Mouse might be just for you. While it looks like an old-school trackball mouse, it features the internals of a modern day optical […]