After a long day of work, there’s nothing more relaxing than lying down on your couch and catching up with your favorite television shows. The only problem is being able to fully relax on your couch is nearly impossible if you also want to be entertained as it’s difficult to be completely lying down on your back to watch your TV without doing some extreme neck turning. Thanks to a new ThinkGeek product, you’ll be able to completely lie down while being able to watch your TV.

ThinkGeek’s Lazyglasses is a special pair of glasses that have mirrored lenses, allowing you to not only watch your TV while lying down, but you can also read text at a 90-degree angle, that is if you’re one of those reader types. The Lazyglasses are crafted from a soft material that makes it comfortable to wear while you’re being a complete bum on the couch.

Hopefully your television set is exactly set to the side of your couch, or else we could see the Lazyglasses becoming completely useless since many people tend to have their TV sitting in front of their couch. Either way, if you think these are the glasses for you, you’ll need to pony up $15.99 to get be able to watch TV at an extremely lazy level.

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