In a world where things are getting more and more personal, and most services these days offer a personalized and customized outcome, it is no surprise then, that Sony has taken steps to offer personalized charging. How is this possible, you ask? Well, by using their wireless communication technology and improvising on it, the FeliCa NFC chip will soon be able to play nice with home consumer appliances. This particular system from Sony allows an authentication handshake and communication between a device and the plug socket power supply, which translates to personalized electricity usage control as well as reducing power theft. Could the future end up as only your devices being charged in your abode, while your friends who drop by and want to juice up their phones will just have to get your permission before their devices are recognized by your home’s power outlet?


Sony’s FeliCa IC chip technology will be embedded into the chips of home appliances, including TVs and computers. Reader writers will also be installed into the plug sockets, where it then opens up the doors of communication between devices sans wires. Once the reader authenticates the device and owner, it will open the floodgates of power to juice up the appliance.

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