We talked about Tobii’s Eye Asteroids arcade cabinet in November 2011, and while the idea seemed like a novel one, it seems that said arcade cabinet that requires the use of your eyes as a video game controller can be tested out at London’s Trocadero between now and February 17 if you are interested. Just like our previous report, the Eye Asteroids arcade cabinet will not be affordable at all, maintaining its $15,000 price tag which frankly, is more than enough of a capital outlay to purchase the next generation of consoles alongside a fair number of titles, with oodles of cash to spare. No idea on how much fun an Asteroids clone that requires your eyes’ movement to play will be like, but Tobii hopes the novelty factor will pull in the buyers. “Using your eyes as a game controller is an almost magical experience. It’s as if the game can read your mind, creating the sensation of having supernatural powers,” says Tobii. How many other magical experiences can you recommend for $15,000 that will surpass that of an eye controlled video game?


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